How to participate in the study?

If you are interested in participating in the study, please contact us and leave your details, and we will get back to you to check your suitability for the study.

Can anyone participate in a clinical trial?

Each study has specific criteria for inclusion and exclusion. Before entering the study, your suitability for the specific criteria will be checked and if you are found suitable, the research doctor will contact you.

Will I be paid for participating in the study?

According to a clinical research procedure a patient in a clinical study cannot receive payment, except for reimbursement of travel expenses in accordance with the approval of the Helsinki Committee.

If you are a healthy research volunteer, then there is a reward for the volunteer, subject to the approval of the Helsinki Committee.

Are the drugs and medical treatment in the clinical trial free or will I have to pay for them?

According to the clinical research procedure, a patient in a clinical study does not pay for the treatment and medication in the study.

Is the treatment in the study approved?

All clinical research is experimental and subject to the approval of the Helsinki Committee and for some studies also the approval of the Ministry of Health before it is possible to start recruiting patients.

Will I receive explanations before the start of the study on the treatment plan?

Certainly, before you start the study, you will receive detailed explanations from the attending physician and then sign an informed consent form and receive a copy of it.

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